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Treat yourself every week with a new coupon. Regular users of online betting are given the opportunity to win weekly coupons and secure extra bonus points.

Weekly winners:
Each and every Monday, our ranking system will reset itself, and every user starts with the same points. At the end of the week, the top three users have a choice of vouchers or the option of a Paypal payout.

1st 100.- EUR
2nd 50.- EUR
3rd 25.- EUR

Monthly Winner:
There are five monthly winners, and those individual are chosen from the weekly success charts. These winners are then narrowed down to five, who then have a choice of vouchers or the option of a Paypal payout.

1st 200.- EUR
2nd 100.- EUR
3rd 50.- EUR
4th 25.- EUR
5th 15.- EUR

Top Users:
A top user is an individual who has won the most betslip whilst only betting small amounts. The top user has the choice of vouchers or a Paypal payout.

1st 15.- EUR

Daily Reward Bonus:
Everyday you take part, means you have the chance to increase your bonus points.
Whether you visit our site or app, simply log in and you will receive, 10 points on the 1st day, 20 points on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th day, and then 50 points every day from the 5th day. If you miss a consecutive day, you will reset your bonus back to the original 20 points of day one.

The daily bonus points are also taken into your ranking account, but they are available to use immediately.

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You must be over 18 years to play, please bet responsibly and we wish you luck on free betting.